Donna Italia has started a blog!
You can no longer ignore the blogs on the internet these days. It abounds, the well-known travel blogs and beauty blogs, the business blogs, personal... Read more
Donna Italia Food Trailer
Donna Italia starts collaboration with and designs Donna Italia foodtrailer We are proud to present our Donna Italia food trailer, a food trailer that... Read more
Shipyard van Dusseldorp delivers pizzas on the water
  From a dream to a successful concept.   Shipyard van Dusseldorp delivers pizzas to the Loosdrechtse Plassen. We were allowed to come and have... Read more
RCN Holiday park
August 2021: RCN Vakantieparken already sells 124% more pizzas than in the whole of 2020 “Donna Italia pizza bases are an easy addition to the... Read more
Donna Italia & Olivijn
Olivijn is launching an exclusive pizza on the market with Pleasure Pizza. When the doors of star restaurant Olivine had to close again in October... Read more
Donna Italia & Pizza-Matic
Enjoy authentic Italian pizza 24/7 with Pizza-Matic Since October 2020, Donna Italia pizzas are available 24/7 in Pizza-Matic pizza machines. There are already six Pizza-Matic... Read more
Donna Italia donates to Food Banks Netherlands
Donna Italia Benelux donates 13,440 piccolos to the Food Bank of the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, on average, more than one million people live below... Read more
Enjoy a freshly made Donna Italia pizza at TopParken. Vacation in your own country is more popular than ever before. This is especially noticeable at... Read more
Donna Italia at Beekse Bergen
Now also enjoy Donna Italia at Safaripark Beekse Bergen. In Safaripark Beekse Bergen, you imagine yourself abroad. You can see the wild animals in their... Read more
Donna Italia expands to the Alps
Enjoy a delicious traditional Italian pizza in the French Alp You can also enjoy an authentic Italian Donna Italia pizza in the French Alps. Despite... Read more
Esso in Diemen enthusiastic about Donna Italia
Now also taste our authentic Italian pizzas at Esso in Diemen In September 2020, Esso in Diemen started selling our Donna Italia pizza. Sales at... Read more
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