Frequently asked questions

How do I become a Donna Italia customer?

Contact us and we will schedule a demonstration of our products and brick oven as soon as possible. You can then start serving authentic Italian products within 48 hours.

Can I also purchase products without being a Donna Italia customer?

Unfortunately that is not possible, we only deliver our products to our customers.

How can I best prepare the pizzas, focaccias and piccolos?

Only bake our products in the supplied Donna Italia brick oven. The brick ovens are designed in such a way that even untrained personnel can serve a professional product within three minutes. Follow the manual for best results.

What is the best way to store the pizzas, focaccias and piccolos?

Store our products at a minimum of -18 ° C. After thawing, the products can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of 72 hours at a temperature of 4 ° C. Do not refreeze our products.

How long can I keep the products?

At the correct temperature of -18 ° C, our products can be kept for up to 18 months. After thawing, you must use the products within 72 hours. Do not refreeze our products after thawing.

How can the pizzas be ready in three minutes?

Thanks to the clever design and the stone plate in the brick ovens, the bottoms are wonderfully crispy, while the toppings cook at the same time. And that within three minutes *.

* It is important that the pizza / focaccia / piccolo is not too heavily topped and defrost the products before you bake them for the best result.


Do Donna Italia products fit in a vegetarian diet?

We provide Margherita pizza bottoms. The pizzas are only topped with fior di latte mozzarella and pure tomato sauce. So vegetarian! The focaccias are even vegan.

Where are Donna Italia products made?

Our pizzas, focaccias and piccolos are handmade in the gastronomic heart of Italy: Emilia Romagna.

Is it true that no preservatives have been added to the Donna Italia products?

That’s right. We freeze our products immediately after making them using the shock freezing method. In this way, the products remain fresh, without the use of artificial additives.

Are Donna Italia products gluten or lactose free?

Our products are prepared with Semolina flour and are therefore not gluten-free. The pizzas and picolos also contain cow’s milk mozzarella. View the allergen sheet for more information.

When do I get a brick oven on loan?

As soon as you become a customer with us and purchase a minimum number of products every month, we will supply a brick oven on loan.

Do the Donna Italia brick ovens need three-phase power?

No, the Donna Italia brick ovens work on 220 volts. As a result, our brick ovens not only fit on every countertop, but also in every kitchen.

I have a question about how the oven works, who can I contact about this?

It is best to approach your regular contact person for this. Our team is always ready for you and can be reached via +31 (0) 235543401. You can find a manual for the oven here.

Where can I find Donna Italia promotional materials / articles?

You can contact your account manager for the preparation of (personalized) promotional material.

Where can I find inspiration for my menu?

On our much-visited recipe page you will find numerous recipes and ideas for themed pizzas. If you are really looking for fresh inspiration, one of our pizzaiolos can visit you to develop delicious recipes together.

I am organizing an event soon, how can Donna Italia help me with this?

We offer a full service package for events. This means that we install a number of brick ovens, tailored to the event. Before the start of the event, we ensure that the staff is ready and after the event we pick up the brick ovens again.

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