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Olivijn is launching an exclusive pizza on the market with Pleasure Pizza.

When the doors of star restaurant Olivine had to close again in October 2020, they wanted to do it just a little differently. Chef Menno Post: “At Olivine we believe that you should not only look at what you normally do, but that you should go that extra mile. From November we have therefore introduced a new dish that you will not expect from a star restaurant, the Pleasure Pizza”.


A Pleasure Pizza, how do you come up with such a dish? For a symposium, the master chef had previously covered small pizzas with black truffle and cream of old cheese. Something very different from the molecular dishes that his fellow master chefs put on the table. “But everyone likes pizza, you remember more and it is easy to imitate”. It turned out to be a success and so the idea of ​​the Pleasure Pizza was born. A luxurious “little over the top” pizza, but one with flavors that are right.

The idea was there, the toppings were thought through and the preparation of the pizza bases was started. The pizza dough was made and baked on a pizza stone in the oven, but this turned out to be a lot of work. A colleague cook told Menno about the Donna Italia products and this turned out to be a bull’s eye. Donna Italia’s pizza base was placed next to the homemade pizza base and there was surprisingly little difference in taste and quality. “For some, a pizza base made by a star chef should automatically taste better, Donna Italia proves that it doesn’t have to be.” When our own Sjoerd Menno also managed to convince Menno, the new collaboration was a fact.


“The quality is almost indistinguishable from my homemade pizza base. It saves a lot of time and the product is good”


Pizza, pizza, pizza….

The pizzas are easy to prepare and perfect for takeaway. “On New Year’s Eve, we sold 80 boxes containing, among other things, a pizza with half covered with smoked salmon and the other half with Wagyu. The pizza still had to go in the oven at home, then the smoked salmon or the Wagyu and the wasabi or misco cream on top and you have a delicious pizza!” Menno therefore uses this time to tap into a new target group. In addition to an exclusive pizza, you can now also pull lobster and truffle croquettes from the wall at Olivine and buy delicacies such as oysters. “And if we can open our doors again, we will respond even more to experience, I believe in that. But we will continue to offer takeaway, for the time being not everyone will dare to go to a restaurant.”

Menno’s favorite flavor is crispy and his favorite pizza is savory. “I like savory pizzas with salami, garlic and bacon. But a pizza should not be too richly topped. Pizzas with a lot of vegetables, for example, I don’t like that.” In addition to the toppings, the dough of the pizza is also important. “The crust ratio, the ratio of dryness and moisture of the dough are important for a good pizza. And the bottom should be crispy and not chewy. I see pizza dough as bread and you should eat it that way, not only the top but also the crusts. And it is not necessary, but with a nice olive oil, garlic and some sea salt we give our pizza that one extra touch.”

The Pleasure Pizza topped with Macadamia cream, Wagyu meat, fat bacon, black truffle, artichoke, flowers and gold leaf and of course the Donna Italia pizza base can be ordered for € 25 in the Olivine webshop.


(Photos by: Saskia de Wal


Also add authentic Italian products to the range.

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