Healthy pizza

Let’s face it, pizza doesn’t have a very healthy image. Too salty, too fat and a lot of calories. But how can we make the pizza healthy?

We start with the basics, the right pizza base is important. Fortunately, the pizza bases from Donna Italia are free of sugars and preservatives. The balance between the flour, oil and water means that this soil has a fairly low fat and salt content.

Less is more

Don’t use too much cheese, we know that is quite a difficult task, but use the cheese more tactically. For example, replace the cheese with Parmigiano. This one has a stronger taste and you need less of it. If you are looking for a lighter cheese, you can also choose for Ricotta.

You can also use ricotta in combination with fruit, so you can make a sweet pizza! Tasty combinations are, for example, raspberries, plum or grapes.

And while you’re busy with fruit, grab a pear and combine it with gorgonzola!

Choose the filter thin variant for your salami or ham, so you can still cover your pizza well, but without tasting it you still have fewer meats and therefore less fat on your pizza.

Fan of mozzarella? Then cut the mozzarella into thin slices and spread it evenly over the pizza base. This way you ensure that every piece of pizza is topped with mozzarella.

Go green!

Look at what you can use in terms of vegetables, there can be more vegetables on a pizza than you might think and some you can also combine well with meats. For example, take a good look at which vegetables you use in your kitchen and if you have any leftovers, use them again on your pizza. This way you are also immediately sustainable.

You can also use (if you like this of course) lots of mushrooms. These are very filling but super healthy and are a good combination with the basics for your pizza.

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Written by Rosanne – Donna Italia

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