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Donna Italia starts collaboration with and designs Donna Italia foodtrailer

We are proud to present our Donna Italia food trailer, a food trailer that is fully equipped with everything you need to serve authentic Italian stone oven pizzas wherever and whenever you want. Selling good quality pizzas from a food trailer has never been so easy. rents out food trailers throughout Belgium and the Netherlands and the Donna Italia concept is focused on simplicity and quality. Combining the two together is the easiest way to serve pizza anytime, anywhere without the purchase of equipment and without the need for specially trained staff.


For who?

  • For anyone who wants to offer quality pizzas in a food trailer within 3.5 minutes without having to make an investment. You only pay for the products and the rent of the food trailer;
  • For anyone who, without a chef’s training, wants to serve a fantastic pizza;
  • For the event caterer who wants to create volume with a limited selection of pizzas.

What do you need?

Besides a healthy dose of work ethic, there are also formalities that you must comply with:

  • For example, you must be in possession of, or have applied for, a valid VAT number;
  • Be registered and have permission from the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Netherlands) or the Food Safety Agency (Belgium);
  • Permit for stands and points of sale (this can be a permanent stand or this can be markets and events);
  • Possess a valid driver’s license (in most cases, a “B” driver’s license is sufficient, but this depends on the car with which you are going to tow the trailer);
  • A limited starting capital for the purchase of pizzas and the rent of the food trailer (no heavy investments, rent for a property, storage costs, takeover money, etc.).

What do we offer?


  • To start with, you will receive a completely non-binding, informative, personal conversation;
  • If you want to continue with the concept, you will initially receive personal guidance and training. You learn to use the brick ovens and products in the right way;
  • In the meantime, together with you, we take care of the follow-up of the papers and supplies, for example with regard to applications for permits and marketplaces;
  • We will guide you through the management of the trailer and the stock. All products are delivered to you quickly and easily;
  • When everything is ready, you will receive the food trailer and you can get started yourself;
  • You will receive news and facts on a regular basis and you can always contact us with questions about the products and the brick ovens.

For more information, please contact

via or + 32(0)15/68 29 78

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