Shipyard van Dusseldorp delivers pizzas on the water


From a dream to a successful concept.


Shipyard van Dusseldorp delivers pizzas to the Loosdrechtse Plassen. We were allowed to come and have a look for a day and ordered a pizza on the water ourselves. What started with a dream has grown into a successful concept. We spoke to Rianne van Dusseldorp, owner of Jachtwerf van Dusseldorp, about how her marina became the basis of this concept.

We asked Rianne how she got the idea to deliver pizzas to the Loosdrechtse Plassen. “It started during my sleep with a dream in which we were going to deliver sushi on the water. Sushi consists of fresh fish and with hot weather it is not easy to keep fresh, the dream shifted to the background. But a few weeks later I arrived at the Horecava and there I saw Donna Italia and that got me thinking. At home I consulted with my husband Paul and that’s how the idea arose to deliver pizzas on the water.”


The responses they get are all super enthusiastic. “Everyone is happy, the weather is nice and the food is being delivered to the boat. So they do not have to moor at a restaurant or supermarket, but can simply wait on their boat until the pizzas are delivered. And they really like the pizzas!” The pizzas stay warm by using special pizza warming bags and are delivered within a small radius of the marina. People order via the QR code on the menus or see the pizza boat sailing with banner and thus arrive at the website ( to order a pizza. They can pay with iDEAL and then provide their location and name of the boat. This way, Rianne and Paul know where the pizzas have to be delivered.

“The large ovens and the speed with which the pizzas are ready are a major advantage of working with Donna Italia. In addition, the pizzas are delivered frozen, so that they remain fresh. Because we only deliver in good weather, we don’t waste food this way. Speed ​​is very important to us, especially on busy days when we bake around 350 pizzas.”

"Donna Italia pizzas are of good quality and very easy and quick to prepare. Perfect for our delivery service on the water!"

— Rianne van Dusseldorp, owner of the Dusseldorp Shipyard


After Rianne and Paul had worked out the idea, some work still had to be done before they could start with the concept. For example, a permit had to be requested from the municipality. After that was finalized, they started building the website and building a pizza kitchen in the warehouse. The Donna Italia ovens were installed and freezers purchased. First one rib boat was purchased, then a second and even a third rib boat. After three weeks everything was up and running and they could get to work. Within a year, the concept of Jachtwerf van Dusseldorp has grown into a great success and concept on the Loosdrechtse Plassen.

We have recorded a nice video in which we take you to Jachtwerf van Dusseldorp and show you what is involved in delivering pizzas on the water. We thank Rianne and Paul for their hospitality and the nice experience.

Also add authentic Italian products to the range.

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