Franse Nouveau Riche Pizza

When it comes to cheese and the French, it is truly fascinating to think that specific regions produce a particular cheese in the traditional way. Take, for example, the delicious creamy Camembert, which actually originates nowhere else but in Camembert in Normandy, in the north of France. To this day, the name “Camembert from Normandy” can only be given to cheeses from this region. Whichever Camembert you use, this recipe combines the piquant flavour of this cheese with the sweet taste of fresh figs to create a remarkable combination. The Nouveau Riche Cuisine is known for this. The soft texture and the unique sharp taste of Camembert add an extra element that perfectly complements the experience of this unique piece of fruit. This recipe is definitely worth the effort.



Divide the slices of Camembert over a thawed pizza base and then bake in the Donna Italia stone oven for about four minutes. Divide the sliced figs over the pizza and serve immediately.


  • 100 grams of camembert, cut into thin slices
  • 4 fresh figs, cut into quarters
  • Donna Italia pizza base

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