Serve Italian cuisine

The Italian cuisine is known worldwide for its traditional dishes. The pasta, the pesto and of course… the pizza! It doesn’t get more Italian than this. The base – the dough, the mozzarella and the tomato sauce – truly makes or breaks this real Italian classic. Donna Italia pizzas are made of the best quality; Italian mimosa dough, fior di latte mozzarella and pure tomato sauce.

Donna Italia offers every restaurant the possibility to serve an infinite amount of different pizzas with minimal effort and knowledge. By playing around with the toppings, you can always create different dishes. As such, varying your menu becomes child’s play, and you also help reduce food waste.

Besides pizzas, Donna Italia also supplies focaccias and piccolos. Ideal for serving with a drink and goes well with, for example, a bread platter with olives, salty ham or a freshly made pesto.

We supply the brick oven on loan, provide training for the staff and support you with the preparation of the promotional material. You just need to order the products and start serving authentic Italian dishes within 48 hours.

Curious about the possibilities for your company? Please feel free to contact us for a personal demonstration and experience it yourself.

No investment

No upfront costs and no long-term contracts.


100% natural

No preservatives or added sugars, just pure Italian flavor.

Space saving

All you need is our small, portable brick oven and limited freezer space.

Experience and quality is what we want to offer our guests. And that is precisely why Donna Italia fits in well with their authentic brick oven pizza made from pure Italian ingredients.

— TopParken

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