Speed, service and quality

Three things are essential in the world of catering: quality, service and speed! And that is exactly what Donna Italia offers. The tastiest authentic Italian pizzas that are also ready within three minutes! Whether you are organising a buffet or walking dinner, we have a suitable oven for every event.

Food is all about taste, preferably with honest and fresh ingredients. By topping our shock-frozen pizzas with the most delicious fresh ingredients, we provide you with the opportunity to offer a delicious and honest fresh pizza on a large scale.


We supply not only the pizzas, piccolos and focaccias but also the brick ovens and the necessary accessories such as pizza shovels, pizza cutters and cutting boards. In other words, the entire catering from A to Z. All that is left is for you to prepare it. Our brick ovens are easy to operate and instantly turn all staff into a chef without additional training.

Whether you are organising a company party, reception or garden party, we ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Curious about the possibilities for your event or catering location? Feel free to contact us for a personal demonstration and experience it yourself.

Zero waste

In addition to the fact that our pizzas can be baked and sold straight out of the packaging, we devise a menu with the ingredients already present.

Constant quality

With Donna Italia you are assured that you serve the same quality everywhere, without having to use trained staff.

Long shelf life

Advanced shock-freeze techniques ensure a shelf life of 18 months from the production date, without compromising on quality.

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