For the right quality, you need the right tools.

That is why you get the right accessories from us to work professionally and safely.

The accessories that we provide


Pizza shovel

With a professional pizza shovel you can easily slide the freshly made pizzas, focaccias or piccolos in and out of the stone oven. Available in 2 sizes.


With our included pizza slicer you roll over the pizza in a few movements to cut the most beautiful slices.



So you can top and cut the pizzas neatly and safely. Don’t forget that this cutting board cannot be put in the oven!


The pizzas need three minutes, that’s all. To ensure that you serve optimal quality, we provide a timer that lets you know when you can serve.

Introduction before first use

Donna Italia provides you with a custom brick oven that is easy to operate. To make sure you get the most out of our products, a pizzaiolo will visit you for an introduction before using the oven for the first tiem. Together you bake the first pizzas and look at recipes that suit your bar, kitchen, hotel or cafe. This way you can get off to a good start.

Single Deck

You get the accessories from us, you just have to order the pizzas.

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